Recognised Globally

The distinctive quality of Welsh Lamb has been recognised by the European Commission as having unique regional characteristics and in 2003 was awarded the coveted status of Protected Geographical Indication (PGI).

PGI establishes a link between quality, traditions and environment of an area, assuring consumers that only lamb born and reared in Wales which are fully traceable and have been slaughtered in HCC approved abattoirs, can be marketed as Welsh Lamb.

By using the PGI logo our lamb producers have the exclusive right to distinguish their products from those of competitors in the marketplace.

PGI Recognition

  • Encourages diverse agricultural output
  • Protects product names from misuse and imitation
  • Allows consumers to associate with the specific character of the products

The PGI designation of Welsh Lamb is of great importance as it is highly valued across Europe and has been significant in securing much increased business for Welsh Lamb. To maintain the integrity of the PGI status, HCC employs an independent inspection body to monitor the use of designation and ensure standards are maintained.

Provenance and Traceability Guarantee

  • Veterinary records kept in accordance with government requirements
  • All lambs are tagged and fully traceable back to individual producers
  • Compliance with government regulatory requirements on the transport and slaughter of livestock
  • Sheep raised extensively on grassland

100% Welsh

Full traceability isn’t just a claim, it’s an assurance. HCC Meat Promotion Wales are now working in partnership with world leading technology company Oritain to analyse trace elements and isotopes which animals absorb from their natural environment and the grass and water that they consume, to establish a distinctive Welsh ‘fingerprint of origin’ guaranteeing full traceability of all Welsh Lamb products. Oritain’s techniques are highly-respected in a variety of industries, including forensics, food, textiles and pharmaceuticals.